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Winter Capsule Wardrobe

hello ladies! What’s up?

It’s Sunday night, I work the night shift tonight and I had a brand-new-old idea: The winter capsule wardrobe (ground breaking, I know!).

Those following me from the start already know I have tried and failed miserably the capsule wardrobe concept before. This time around though I think it might actually work for me for several reasons. First of all, I work shifts now and also attend the University so I don’t have as much time free as I used too.Also I wear uniform at work and I don’t have to worry about my day-to-day work outfit anymore.

I have noticed that lately I tend to wear pretty much the same things on my free time, a pair of jeans and a sweater or sweatshirt when I’m at home and  usually add a blazer or a cardigan when going out. So obviously it is much easier for me to adapt this time with the hole capsule wardrobe idea as I don’t have to worry about my work outfits anymore.This is actually sooo much better as I get to keep more items for my wardrobe (my uniforms won’t be included on my list so 41 items can stay for my winter wardrobe!!).

what I’m Keeping:


1)a pair of boyfriend jeans from Zara

2) two pairs of jeans (one skinny one slim fit) from AEO

3) a pair of faux leather leggings from Tezenis

4) a pair of suede black leggings from Zara

5) a pair of grey plaid leggings from Zara

6) a pair blue high-waisted long trousers

7) a faux leather Zara skirt

Full Body 

8) a black Zara overall

9) A long Zara plaid shirtdress

10+11) Two Zara black dresses


12) 3 Blazers (one Black Zara blazer and two colored Stradivarius blazers)

13) 4 sweatshirts ( for everyday casual looks)

14) 5 knitted sweaters ( for either casual looks or more prept look with a nice shirt under it)

15) 3 shirts (one White from Zara,one denim blue and one light pink from Stradivarius)

16) 3 fancy blouses (all -surprise surprise- from Zara)


17) a cashmere camel coat ( actually handmade and vintage from my grandma)

18) a long puffer Zara coat

19) a white Zara coat

20) one grey Forever21 long coat

21) 3 cardigans


22) One pair of over the knee Piccadilly boots

23)one pair of black Piccadilly heels

24)one pair of belted black Stradivarius booties

25) one pair of leopard printed booties ( which are actually the only thing I need to buy)


When it comes to accessories I’m pretty much sticking to the same items I wear anyway, which are two watches (one classic silver Daniel Wellington and one ASOS rose gold watch),3 knitted scarves, my earrings and matching rings. During winter I tend to avoid a lot of jewelry and stick to more simple items anyway.

wish me luck ladies! I will begin my Capsule Wardrobe tomorrow and hopefully stick to it until end of April!! I will be uploading outfit images soon!!