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It is amazing how some people are so creative in unique ways. We’ve seen great achievements over the years in many aspects of our lives and especially in technology. So while most of us are trying to come up with a new technological idea, some people go back. They go back in time and find peace with the elements of nature.

Wood is a complex element. It takes time, knowledge, patience and love to create something from it. “Xylo” is the Greek word for wood, an element very difficult to work with, to control and master.

Zylo is not just another eyewear brand. It’s the passion of two people and their inner need to create from their souls. Living in a small, picturesque Greek island, they got inspired by the sunset, the sea and wood. Their creations are unique: each pair of sunglasses is different. You can create your personal eyewear by choosing the wood, the color and the frames.


You can choose between 4 different frames (I’m sure more will be added soon) and the amazing number of 16 different wood combinations, such as greek walnut, american walnut, wenge, maple, rosewood, bubinga, and zebrawood. With these combinations and designs as you can imagine each pair of glasses is unique. It’s yours.



Zylo eyewear is not a commercial mass produced product. It is made by ordinary people with extraordinary vision.

I would personally like to thank Helen and Periklis for giving me the opportunity to share their amazing creations with my readers. As they always say “don’t ever forget to search for the sun”.
It is one of these moments where I’m so damn proud for being Greek.


For more information and online orders visit www.store.xyloeyewear.com