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Zoe Saldana


Although not crazy about her formal appearances Zoe has to be one of my fav girls when it comes to street casual style! Cute dresses and slim jeans are her favourite pieces. Her long,slim figure is perfect for high waist jeans- which obviously don’t suit every girl’s figure.


As you might have noticed I prefer women that tend to maintain their natural hair color, so Zoe couldn’t be missing from my list of fashion icons. Dark straight hair,dark skin complex and gorgeous smile create a unique combination.
Zoe can look great in the simplest outfit (a pair of jeans and a t-shirt) but I also adore her “cocktail-party” looks! I think she has an old school elegance when wearing cocktail dresses!


As I mentioned in the beginning of my post, I’m not a great fan of her Oscar’s appearances,because I think some of these gowns do not depict her own personal style-Again,that’s only my opinion. When it comes to color Zoe is fierce: she’s not afraid to try bold,bright colors and she loves patterns for her everyday outfits! Darker colors also suit her perfectly,as they are a safe solution when creating an outfit. I absolutely adore these girly moments of her style,where beauty meets chic.

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