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4 Trends I won’t be trying this season

Every season we get bombarded by magazines and influencers with dosen of trends . Some of these trends are easily incorporated in the every day life of a “regular” girl. Some others are a little bit outhere but still wearable in some occasions. There are,however, some trends that regardless of how easy they can be included in my wardrobe, I wouldn’t try..

Tie -Dye

We used to wear tie-dyed t-shirts in my teens so seeing this trend doesn’t make me very happy. I got over it pretty quickly the same time anyway so this time it is one of the trends that I don’t think it flatters ladies above 30 so not going to try that again!


Again another trend from the 80’s that we’re now too old to try! I don’t mind a slightly brighter color that the usuals I’m wearing but neon colors I think make an outfit look cheap. The only neon shirts I’m going to wear this year are the ones for my bike rides!

Vinyl Shoes

Now this is a bit tricky for me: I’m not against the trend and I have actually found several shoes that I would wear (again,many options are too cheesy for my age) but I have very sensitive feet so it is impossible to find vinyl shoes that won’t hurt as hell!

Braided Bags

It has been the third year since this trend emerged that I can proudly say I’m raffia bag free! I’m probably the only one but I can explain! My mom loves these bags and has owned several raffia bags over the years so I have always correlate them with much older women. Even though some designs are cutter than other I still find it hard to convince myself getting one!