5 easy tricks to make your makeup last


The eternal issue: you’ve done the perfect makeup,look gorge but after two hours you look like mess! Darling,don’t worry cause it has happened to the best of us!! There are though some very simple tricks that can help you keep your makeup longer,looking fresh and prep!

Use a primer 

It has to become as necessary as your day cream! for me its a life saving trick. Makes my skin more vivid and bright and i feel that there is no need to add too much makeup to create the look i want. i’ve also noticed that it helps my makeup stay on longer!



Now i’m not that kind of housewife but i’m quite good in baking! Baking is a very simple technique : after you apply your makeup and concealer use a setting powder and tap it under your eyes, on your nose and forehead! leave the setting powder for 5′ and then remove it with a blending brush! This trick works miracles if you have oily skin like mine!


Matte lipstick

Its an old and simple trick but you can definitely update it in seconds! use a nice matte lipstick ( which lasts longer in any case) and after applying it just tap it with setting powder or makeup powder.Then simply apply a second layer of lipstick and you’re good to go! it will last longer and stay in place!



Stick products instead of powdered

If you are a fan of contouring or highlighting then stick products is your new friend! powders tend to last less and fade easier. Stick products on the other hand because they are high pigmented last longer and have bolder effect. So always stick to this plan!


Setting spray

The final touch to a nice makeup that lasts is a setting spray. I’ve seen huuuuge difference on my makeup with this life-saving trick! its so simple but still results are amazing!



( All images taken from Pinterest)