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5 golden rules for shopping during sales

Happy July babes!!! We are right in the middle of summer but July is also a favorite month for the annual sales!!

Every year I have some of my best finds during these sales,mainly cause I follow some very specific rules to keep myself in line!

I know we have previously shared most of my golden rules but let’s do a recap for those who missed class!

Rule no1: Do your winter shopping on summer sales

This is like the Holly Grail of shopping. During summer time all the stock items from the previous year are on sale,most cases more than 50% off. So that oversized biker’s jacket you couldn’t afford last winter? Now it’s your time to have it! Extra tip: make sure you invest in pieces that will either be in fashion next winter too or classic pieces that you can keep for years to come. In this category we have blazers,chino trousers,duster coats and classic heels.

Rule no 2: add color 

Most of the winter clothes I buy are dark colored but I have noticed that when buying them in July I am in a better mood so I always add some color. For example, I have found several sweaters and knits from ASOS (for less than 20€ each) in bright colors that I wouldn’t otherwise buy. With my summer mood on,color is a must so it helps me update the most boring winter outfits with a simple color change.

Rule 3: now is the time to experiment 

When a plain pair of skinny jeans and an embellished pair of jeans have the same price, for a simple girl like me it is more likely to go for the safest choice. BUT, whenever I can find a good bargain on a contemporary item that I’m not sure I want to incorporate to my outfits then I give it a go! That is how I got obsessed with the slip on silk dresses! I bought one last winter (always buying summer items then) for just 9.99€ and as it turned out I feel very good in these!

Rule no 4 : make a list (and stick to it)

Like Santa at Xmas you need a list to navigate sales. I what I ALWAYS do is keep screenshots of the items I want to buy,including their original price, so that I know exactly what I want and how much it actually costs. If I take a picture of a dress,let’s say in January, and after few weeks I delete it that means I have found something I like and want even more. But the items that stayed on my list are the ones I really like and I’m going to look for first! If I can’t find what I wanted or a similar item then I will “allow” myself to improvise with my shopping! Remember,sales is a great opportunity to invest in quality and not quantity, so instead of sticking to the cheapest items just because of the pricing try to get the things that you wish you could afford the previous months instead of just any cheap item you could afford anyway.


Rule no 5 : have a budget 

This is very important ladies! Most people get overexcited with sales and have the tendency to shop spontaneously and without a budget. Just because a dress is 9,99€ doesn’t mean you must buy 5 of them (especially if you have 10 similar dresses already at home). I always leave my cards at home when shopping on sales. Instead, I have in cash the money I have already planned on spending for my list plus a little extra,just in case! This way I can make sure I won’t come back home with the same plain shirt in 10 different colors (which I probably won’t wear anyway!!).