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5 habits you should quit before your 30s..

hey guys!! How are you? Enjoying the colder weather?

Today i want to share with you some thoughts on age milestones. For me 30’s was a big shock and for a little while I kinda had the feeling that my life is over! Well obviously things are not that tragic at all, but I had to do some serious thinking and goal setting in order to make my peace with my age.

Unfortunately society has – still – some very specific standards on how a girl’s life should be. I, on the other head, am not fitting in these standards. I don’t want to get married ( although extremely happy and in love with my BO ) or have children, I don’t wish to buy a house and settle down in one place for my entire life and I refuse to dress as a 90’s lawyer  just because I’m 30!Turning 30 made me realize that life is too F…ing short to be annoyed by the little things so here are 5 habits I encourage you to quit before turning 30 in order to enjoy being a woman even more!

Bad Boys

I used to fall for the bad boys in my early 20’s ( like all of us!!) but I’ve realized that it’s just not worth it! The drama, the fights, the constant fear of cheating! Nope! I’m not saying that you have to pick a boring guy,but ladies, a nice guy that will make you feel safe and protected is something you do need in your life!

The Huge Wardrobe 

If you thought quitting the bad guys was the hardest thing you had to do think again! Having a big wardrobe may give you the illusion of more choices but that is not a good thing! A crowded closet only causes anxiety and lets face it you only wear half of them (best case scenario!) . I have tried the capsule wardrobe thing and it wasn’t ideal for me but I still apply the same principles in my wardrobe, without the strict  item number limitations. It makes my life easier, I wear most of my clothes and it helps me have a clearer vision of my style.

Your Sofa

No, I’m not talking renovation here! I have a 10 years working experience, as I have been working non stop since my second year in University. Even during my unemployment days I always found a part time job which kept me busy. The thing is a never found time to travel. Always said I’ll do it later, I need to save money, I have time for this.. Well the time is now! Travelling is the best way to create memories, explore, learn. The past two years I try to travel more, even in short distances, and see as much as I can.

The Heavy Makeup

It was really nice while clubbing (not!!) but for work or coffee with friends you definitely don’t need 2 layers of makeup, smokey eyes and eyeliner! Wearing constantly too much makeup can cause wrinkles to appear sooner,breaks,redness and skin dryness. I have to wear full coverage makeup at work but when I’m not working I use a light CC cream or no makeup at all! I find that a day without makeup can make my skin smoother and I do  really feel that I need that break once a week!

Things that hold you down 

That is a really big topic here. I’m not a psychologist or anything but after A LOT self-searching I found that there are in fact a lot of things holding me down. First of all? Myself. The constant fear of failing or not being good enough. Ever felt that? I realize now that fear is just a mind trick to keep us inside our comfort zone. So try to do small things at first that get you out of this zone and slowly remove fear from your life. Same rule applies for people that hold you down : A ” friend” that doesn’t support your dreams, a boss that doesn’t respect you, an abusive husband or boyfriend. Try learning to love and support yourself before expecting others to do that for you. It is a difficult step, I know, but it is life changing for sure!