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5 Instagram accounts I can’t get enough this week 

1) sincerely Jules
For me the best street style blogger I’ve seen in a while! I love that she wears denim a lot and her looks are mainly casual so I can easily relate!

2) Margaret Zang 

I first found out about Margaret when started watching Australia’s fashion bloggers on E!. I really admire her for her photography skills and especially on how she chooses locations!


3) korina Emerich 

She’s not only a very talented designer but also very fun to follow on Instagram! Plus I can always check on her latest designs!


4) Oracle Fox

Another Australia’s fashion Blogger celebrity! One of the most talented fashion photographers I’ve seen lately! Absolutely adore her “eye” when it comes to photos. I also love the fact that she rarely wears color! It’s only black,white and grey! The fact that she can create couture with such simplicity it’s admirable!


5) Liketoknow.it 

Not just a shopping store! Everyday I get to see so many bloggers’ looks that I would probably never find out if it wasn’t for this account! and it’s always nice to have the opportunity to shop a look after seeing it on a real person and not a model. One of my fav destinations for inspo!