5 Myths about hair you need to know about

How are you darlings today? For me today was all about hair! I dyed my hair this morning and since now they got pretty long I started thinking about all the products I’m using and how good actually do to me. So the most qualified person to answer my question was a new friend of mine, Helen, who happens to be a hairdresser and beautician. So later today I decided to interrogate her and find out if what is and what’s not true about hair!!
So it’s time to stop believing to  some Hair Myths girls!

• if I wash my hair often then they grow stronger and healthier

That is one crazy myth! Not only washing your hair doesn’t help it grow but most of all if you wash it too often then it is very much possible that you’ll end up with oily hair!


• short hair are healthier than long hair

Another myth, not because long hair are damaged but because short hair are not necessarily healthier! What matters is how much you take care of your hair and not their length. Yes,in most cases long hair can be more damaged but even if you have short hair if you don’t treat them right you have equal chances to end up with poor hair.


•if I wear my hair only in a pony tail then I don’t harm them

Big big lie! Wearing your hair in a pony tail is actually worse than many other hair styles. Especially if you tie your hair daily in the same spot then it’s quite likely that
You’ll end up with split ends.

• using hair mask is never enough

Huge mistake! Using a hair mask once a week or once every ten days can be very beneficial to your hair. But using it every time you wash your hair can do more harm than good. It can make your hair thinner and easier to be broken,so keep in mind that you need to be extra careful especially if you already have thin hair!!

• using the blowdryer to do my hair is better than the iron

It’s true that the blowdryer is slightly less harmful than the iron. But it’s only the lesser of two evils! In reality none of them is good for your hair, that’s why it is not recommended to use them in weekly basis let alone in daily!


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