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5 reasons for cleaning up your beauty bag

How are you darlings? How was your week? Mine was quite good- except the fact I broke my phone!!
Now,my birthday were on Saturday so my amazing friends gave me some gorgeous presents(thank you guys!!). Some of these gifts were perfumes and beauty products so as I was placing them in my beauty bag I noticed that it’s getting more and more difficult again to zip it! Every now and then I do a little cleaning in my beauty bag and throw away few things. Now I know what you’re thinking: is she crazy? Throwing away beauty products? Well yes, in some cases that’s exactly what you should do!! And here are my 5 reasons for “alleviating”your beauty bag to prove my point!!

5) beauty products do have an expiration date so if it’s in your bag for too long it has probably expired! Using expired products can be very dangerous for you, especially lip-glosses and night creams. So be extra careful!

4) Your complexion changes over the years so products you keep for long may not be suitable anymore for your skin! For example, if you had a period in your life when you had to deal with oily or sensitive skin these products might actually do you harm if you keep using them now.

3) like your wardrobe, your beauty bag needs updating from time to time. So keeping products that you don’t use its a waste of your space (and your money to begin with)!

2) if you don’t know what you have you don’t know what you need: if you have a full beauty bag, one you can’t really estimate the variety of the products you own, it is highly likely you’ll keep buying the same thing over and over again! Once I ended up buying the same nail polish color 3 times in the same year! (Talking about a waste of money…!)

1) less is simple: when you have fever beauty products you end up using them all and creating the looks that truly reflect you, rather than the ones that are just in fashion at the time!!

Did I convince you for some changes? Let me know how you handle your “overweight” beauty bag!