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5 trends I’m not trying this Fall

hey Loves! How are you? Happy Fall to everyone!

How was your Summer? I finally got to take some days off (12 in total!!) and went to my boyfriend’s seaside house and relaxed (more info and pics in this post). So now that I’m all rested and happy I have began my Fall shopping! There are of course several key pieces that I buy every season: chunky sweaters, duster coats, oversized scarves etc. BUT most importantly there are trends each year that I never (ever) try. Some just because I think they don’t look good on me personally and some simply cause I think look awful in everyone!

Every year big Houses try to convince us to buy so many stuff we don’t really need, never use and simply get just because are trending. Wheatear you can afford a couture or Zara chances are you will be buying one trend that doesn’t actually suit you.

Here is a quick list of the 5 trends I won’t be trying out this Fall!

Corduroy anything

ok, this one is a personal childhood trauma! As I’m in my early 30’s  this is not the first time I come across this particular trend. Last time this was huge was while I was growing up and my mum really loved it. So she used to buy corduroy trousers and jackets for me in some very lame colors I must say! This had as a result to totally hate all things Corduroy and I haven’t worn any since my Elementary years! Yes, this might look good in the magazines but I cannot even convince myself trying it.

Total Velvet

I happen to believe that every type of fabric needs to be used with modesty. So it’s cute when you have a velvet camisole shirt or a nice pair of tights but I don’t think that a total velvet look is something you need to go for this season. For me it shows no real effort and it is usually very boring too. The only thing that might save your outfit is if you color block it instead of buying a complete set.

Cowboy Boots  

I know, I know! Everyone is sooo excited again this season for cowboy boots! I happen to love my classic over the knee boots, thank you very much, and I don’t intend  changing them any time soon. I think cowboy boots look great with dresses or jeans skirts but that’s about it! I might get a simple pair(short booties in black or dark red) for these outfits during sales, but I don’t expect to actually love the trend.

Total animal print

I like animal prints! I love a nice bodysuit or even a jacket in animal print. But ladies, please stop wearing total animal print looks! It reminds me of the 70’s and the only thing missing is the awful hair! You will definitely never see me wearing a total animal print look and again for me it looks boring and without effort (between you and me only the Canadian tuxedo looks great every time although is only one kind of fabric for the hole outfit).

Ugly sneakers

This is like the absolute trend for the season! Everywhere I look there’re bloggers going crazy about this trend wearing the shoes with pretty much anything. For me these sneakers can only look decent with sportswear, and to be completely honest I have much prettier sneakers than these! 






(All opinions are my own and of course this works for me but doesn’t mean it can’t work for you! feel free to express your style however you like!!! Images taken from Pinterest).