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5 tricks to upgrade your style in your 30s

Hey ladies! What’s up??? 

Spring is finally here, summer is just around the corner and finally the news about the pandemic are a bit more optimistic. So it looks like we’re gonna have a bit more freedom this summer than last so I’m thrilled!! 

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about personal style. I’m in my mid-thirties and as most women I had a personal and style crisis when I turned 30. 

It’s so funny because there’s really no big difference between 29 and 30, or 31 to 32 but in real life you feel like you should look different and maybe a bit more professional and “grown up”. 

The truth is, style is personal and timeless so there shouldn’t be any labels. 

But, if you are like me,facing a style crisis and in desperate need of a change here are some simple tips you can follow! 

Copy a look 

This is the easiest and most fun way. Let’s say you live in your jeans and joggers but you want to change to a little more preppy look but you don’t now how to do it. For me the easiest way to start experimenting with this is not to experiment! Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration so simply search for the look you want to achieve and follow the look to a T.  I like neutrals and minimal lines so I created a board on Pinterest and searched for minimal style and neutral style. I got a lot of monochromatic looks, oversized shirts, flowy trousers ,linens etc. I saved the looks that fitted my personality and my lifestyle and then went back to my wardrobe, throw everything on the bed and checked what I actually had in order to recreate these looks! Chances are you probably have several pieces already so that will help with the process. Last step is to make a list with the items you’re missing so you won’t get carried away next time you go shopping. 

You can obviously get the same inspo from your favorite YouTube or instagrammer and and this way you can actually message the person and ask more questions about fitting and quality of an item before you purchase. 

Go monochromatic 

There’s nothing more classic than a total black look. It’s easy, chic and very simple to style. Do the same for spring and summer with whites and nudes! Monochromatic outfits look more luxurious and classy so this is a great way to upgrade your style without really spending. Simply avoid prints and logos and go for nice fabrics like cotton and linen that give a more relaxed yet preppy look. 

Invest in good quality 

I won’t lie to you, I used to be an obsessed shopaholic in my 20s. I honestly regret the money I spent on clothes back then for so many reasons! Now it tend to make more conscious purchases, targeting on only few but good quality items that will last for many years. Go for timeless and classic designs that never go out of fashion and find shapes that flatter your body and try to have few hero pieces, versatile and easy to style in many variations. Fitting is also a key so find a good seamstress so you can alter any items don’t fit properly.

Use the classics

In continuance with the previous tip classic pieces are you life saviors! A pair of black wide leg trousers and a white shirt is such a staple for a woman’s wardrobe for interviews, business appointments or even for coffee if you pair it with sneakers instead of heels. So always have few basics ready such as a white and a black cotton T-shirt, a nice bodysuit, a white baton down, a pair of black pumps, tailored trousers and a nice coat (trench coat in our case for spring). 


If you feel like the style you have now created is boring (I get it,neutrals and minimal is not everyone’s cup of tea) then this is for you! It’s so easy to transform an outfit just by changing the accessories! 

Obviously gold jewelry is a must especially for spring summer so a nice chunky chain can give that extra Lucy vibe on a plain white T-shirt! Stacking rings is also a nice and easy trick and of course anklets are so great for summer too! 

Hats are amazing too and of course if you want to add a pop of color to an otherwise minimal look go for a colorful scarf either worn as a necklace or on your bag handle! 

A good pair of sunglasses also screams high fashion so this is an item you want to invest. Go for a black classic pair, a bit oversized (that actually depends on your face) or for classic aviators! 

When it comes to bags stay again in classic shapes go for a structured small or medium sized bag without big logos or blings. 

(images taken from Pinterest as an example of the process)