5 ways to make your workouts more fun!

Happy autumn darlings!! How are you? I’m finally putting my working life on track so hopefully I will be posting more in the near future!! 🙂
For all you working girls out there I know how important is to find some time for yourself. As you all know I did the Dukan diet some weeks ago and now I need to find time every week and workout.
I know you are not thrilled with the idea of working out, pretty much as I am. But after all these posts you probably know I have come up with a solution! So here are my five tips for making my workout more enjoyable!

1) chose the right workout

It is not always simple to start working out. We are not all the same so each one of us needs its own pace and of course the right type of exercise. The first thing you need to do is find what works for you! Probably you’ll have to try few things first before you chose what’s best for you,but once you find it things will become much easier. If you do something you don’t enjoy or doesn’t fit your style then it’s quite possible you’ll quit soon. If your time is limited then you can download on your smartphone the ” 7minute workout” app, which is quite good and intense but doesn’t take much time. If you prefer something more relaxing chose a corse of yoga or Pilates. For the bravest ones I would recommend jogging especially outdoors.

2) update your music track list

Music can always motivate you when it comes to exercise, especially when running. I find it very useful to update regularly my track list. It keeps me motivated,especially some power songs and dance bits.

3) find company

Misery wants company, right? Hahahhahahahah
So find a friend and become workout buddies. It will keep you motivated and you will encourage each other in case you want to quit!

4) shop for new clothes

Just because you’re going to the gym doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be dressed nice. Wearing boring clothes in which you don’t feel comfortable will make the gym boring. The first thing I did when I decided to add regular workouts to my schedule was going shopping! A nice pair of trainers, a new tracksuit and some cute accessories where enough to make the hole experience a lot more girly!

5) set realistic goals

If you haven’t worked out before, or it’s been a long time since you had regular workouts then set small and logical goals. Loosing 10kg for example in two months, or running 5 Km at once it’s quite impossible to achieve if you are a beginner. If your goals are unrealistic it is quite possible you’ll be frustrated and probably quit soon. But if you begin with something simple once you accomplish it you’ll feel so much better!! Set realistic goals and this way you’ll be more motivated in your workout. When I began jogging I could barely finish one round at the stadium ( approximately 480meters). So my first goal was to complete two rounds! Then three,then four.. If I had began immediately by setting up a crazy and impossible goal you would be quitting like super fast! So keep it simple guys!