Are you a fashion observer or a trend-Setter??

Have you ever browsed a magazine and felt that most of the clothes you see are not wearable? Yeah? In this case you might want to check this post!


I’m a huge fan of clothing! No,seriously! If I could afford it I would spend hours and hours shopping (who wouldn’t,right?)!
But I can’t quite consider myself a trend setter,probably something between a setter and an observer.And I’m quite satisfied about it too! The reason is simple: I love my comfort zone! It’s not that I don’t see how a trend would evolve,it’s just I’m a bit afraid of attempting it first! That mainly happens because my work doesn’t allow me the diversity in looks and styles or the “excuse” to be more edgy. On the other hand,that makes me an excellent stylist for my friends! ( I often feel like we play dress up!)
Trend setters are the ones who tend to take the risks when it comes to fashion. Bringing that extra something to the table. Some of them overdo it and the results are not always successful,but still we get to learn from their mistakes! Some are characterized as trend setters just because they are already famous and people tend to follow the way they dress. One example that I recall is Rihanna’s underwear street style (remember that? Last year she used to run around wearing sports bra and boxers.). I have to admit that wasn’t pretty!
So a trend setter has also (sort of) the responsibility of being the example. Ok,it’s not like someone’s life depends on that,but if people follow you and copy your style that means you are their role model- and that’s a big deal,especially for teenagers.
On the other hand, a fashion observer can have a fresh prospective when spotting a new trend. Whether following it or not depends on how comfortable she feels about it (Remember,the trend setter feels too comfortable with her body and personal style so no second thoughts here!).
In reality it doesn’t matter. Whether you spend hours trying to find the next big thing in fashion or simply put on your fav shirt with boyfriend jeans, all that matters is you loving your style!