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ASOS bag haul and Black Friday wishlist

Hey guys!! What’s up?? How are you holding up with quarantine? I hope I find all of you well! 

I have to admit for me November is a wonderful time! Mainly for two reasons to be honest: one is I have my nameday on the 25th (which for Greeks it’s quite important) and secondly because it’s Black Friday on the same week! 

That makes my life (and my boyfriend’s) so much easier!!! 

The week before Black Friday and of course during and on cyber Monday everything is on sale!!  

This year I got a bit carried away and I have to say, although I shouldn’t have, I spent a little more. The thing is, the older I get the more I appreciate quantity over quality. 

Especially this year while we were planning to move house and with all that free time during quarantine I decided to completely declutter and transform my wardrobe. I donated half of my clothes and my bags (original collection was 60 bags but most of them from Zara or H&M. Now I’m even less than half off)and decided to focus on functional and timeless pieces that I will have in my wardrobe for years. 

In that spirit this year I took advantage of the sales and invested in some pieces that I know work for my lifestyle (you know, the pre Corona one we all miss!)! 

ASOS had a 20% off the other day (keep your eyes open there are more days like that ahead next week!!!!) so everything I got had the additional discount !!!

First thing I wanted was a card holder as I haven’t used cash for more than 8 months now! 

I own a small Mark Jacobs card holder but Greek IDs are still quite big, plus I wanted enough space to add more cards to have with me. In the search of an alternative I found this great combo from Kurt Geiger! 

My idea is to have the small card holder for the cards I always use and then place it inside the middle sized pouch in which I will include my ID card and any other card that I might need in regular basis! That way the size of the pouch will allow me to find it easily in my bags but it will be thin,easy to fit in any bag and even carry on its own!! 

The biggest pouch with the brands eagle motif is great as a small clutch bag for a night out (when these start occurring again!)!!! 

So the price was actually a steal if you consider how many options you get!! 

If you had checked my wishlist the past weeks you would have noticed two amazing Love Moschino bags that were on the top of the list. And that happened because I kept adding them to my basket and the saving them again in my wishlist!! When I got the notice for the 20% I was thrilled!! Bags already had more than 50% discount but still couldn’t decide whether I wanted to spent that much money. That extra discount just gave me the push I needed!! 

One of my top searches the past months was a backpack bag. I have a nice simple one from Zara but since it’s more than 4 years old and it’s my second most worn it has quite a few signs of wear. I wanted something simple,relatively small but spacious and of course Black! And then this beauty came.. 

 Needless to say I’m in love and can’t wait for it to arrive next week! 

The most useful bag in a woman’s closet is a shopper bag. These bags can carry everything you need in your everyday life and then some more!  The most famous one is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bag, which of course is way above my budget at the moment- although high on my wishlist!! There are however some very good quality alternatives and this Love Moschino is one of them! Simple,elegant,spacious,with very elegant and discreet logo. One thing I liked more about this bag is the fact that it has a weave effect which will make it more casual and playful and also a piece that I can wear all seasons!  

This order is expected to arrive on the 30th but I wanted to share this post now with you cause I’m pretty sure these won’t be available by the time my order arrives!  I will share my unboxing on Istagram so make sure you follow me for more info!

Now of course I still have my eye on some more bags for Black Friday so here’s a sneak pick from my wishlist!! 

Love Moschino quilted shoulder bag in black

Kurt Geiger London large Kensington black leather shoulder bag with chain

Love Moschino quilted zip around purse in taupe

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