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Autumn makeover

Hey guys! How are you? All tanned from your summer vacay?

I know it’s still hot out there but I have started preparing. When Zara adds the “Autumn/Winter” section on their App I know that’s my queue to start preparing for the inevitable: Winter is Coming!

This year I’m all about redefining and reinventing my personal style. So close to my birthday (only one month away) I have begun prioritizing differently my life,my choices and my style. I’m on the verge of some serious changes in my life so all this is basically a journey towards my new me and not just a post about what is trending for next season.So the first thing I’m doing, which is not the first time actually, is cleaning out my closet. Once a year I always pile up the items I haven’t worn the previous year and donate them. I usually give the 1/5 of my clothes but this year I’m going nuclear on my wardrobe: The idea is to create a similar concept with the Capsule Wardrobe, without the stress of counting pieces. If you are one of my regular readers you already know I’ve tried (and failed) the capsule wardrobe. It’s just not me.I find, however, very liberating the idea of having a wardrobe where all pieces are part of a similar color palette and can be easily combined into various outfits without too much thought. Obviously I still want few standout pieces and colors but I want to remove that dreadful feeling of panic every time I open my closet.

This doesn’t mean I’ll wear all things white and never think of an outfit again. My plan is to keep the pieces in my closet I love wearing and only buy things that would either compliment or elevate my outfits. So 1/3 (at least) of my clothes is gonna go,leaving me with a palette of black,grey,blue and white. I am also keeping my favorite red sweater and I’m adding volume and texture. The idea is to play with layers (very original,I know!) and different textures,but keeping everything easy.Long ruffled dresses, satin booties and voluminous shirts are the additions to my closet.

(images taken from the official pages of Zara and Cos)

My second ongoing for the last month) change is going to be my hair.Last Spring I tried for the first time the Keratin hair treatment and I got so happy with how strong,sleek an straight my hair got that I’m gonna have it again.This time my hair is much shorter so this will give a much more polished look.I also tend to make my hair a bit more silver/blonde than now.

Third,and most important, decision is to start taking better care of my skin. As you know I have a combination/oily skin but instead of actually doing something drastic about it I occasionally change products and by a ton of makeup to cover it.Working shifts and crazy hours hasn’t helped much too so it was time for a more drastic solution. So now I have scheduled a dermatologist’s appointment and I will begin treatment in order to eliminate the problem rather than just covering it (more soon on another post). Also, I’m ready for my first SokoGlam order cause let’s face it,Asians do it better when it comes to face care!

This brings me to my last change: Start being consistent. All these years I’m making beauty decisions that I soon forget or neglect. That’s why it’s going to be my top priority to keep my beauty and fashion routine for the entire year,in order to start creating habits and beauty rituals that will last.