Autumn Skin care routine

Hey Ladies! What’s up?

Weather is getting colder lately so I’ve been thinking for quite some time to upgrade my skincare routine (you know I’ve been eyeing so many products from Soko Glam) and I started with my makeup removing routine. I chose to get the L’Oreal latest line and really invested in a series of products, including face masks, scrubs and lotions.I have used several products from the brand before so I knew what to expect and that’s why I chose it.

Due to the late shifts I have (and the fact I turned 32 last week) I began worrying about my skin condition and how clean it is when I go to bed. Sometimes when I had the night shift I used to use only the makeup removing tissues, which obviously was not enough! Sleeping at 7 in the morning (with half my makeup still on) until 14:00 in the afternoon did not do any good to my skin so the breakouts began and redness appeared. Long story short, it was time for a change and for me to really commit to clean skin before bedtime.

As you can see a bought a bunch of products for a full makeup removing procedure. My routine now has at least 4 steps of makeup removing. If I’m too lazy (or too tired) I still begin with the tissues, If I have more time I use from fine Flowers line (Which is  an extract of Rose and Jasmine Flowers, in a make-up removing milk) the cleansing milk  If I want to be more thorough about it I wash my face with the gel  too,  which is transforming into a creamy foam that cleanses and softens the skin without really  drying it out,from the same line.

 But this time I don’t stop to that. I then add to a cotton pad some of the Micellar water to remove as much makeup as possible. This has to be my favorite product of all so far. It is so simple to use and I feel refreshed immediately!

After using several pads to make sure I have removed all the makeup I then use my fine flowers toner and ..oh that feeling of cleanness and freshness! I hove it so much that it makes up for all the time  that takes to do it! Scent is soooo good and flowery that It is something I look forward to from the moment I start my routine.

Sometimes my skin is a bit oily when i wake up so for that I bought from pure clay line the purity wash cream.It is 3 pure clays combined  with Eucalyptus extract in a cleansing gel-wash. I had bought the mask earlier this year and it is really good! But I don’t always have the time for a face mask so I do this instead, usually twice a week.

So how about you girls? have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments!


( this is not a sponsored post. all opinions are my own)