BB cream – crash test!

You all know what a BB cream is. It’s been a trend for the past 3 years in several variations in texture,color and of course price.
A BB cream is mainly a day cream with suntan lotion (usually SPF 15 up to 30). So the idea is that your cream can have a certain makeup coverage,just to reduce any red spots and evens its color,brighten it and of course have all the benefits that a daily cream has!
It is not a makeup,so you need to remember that when buying one. If your skin needs more coverage then you shouldn’t be buying a BB cream cause it won’t have any results. But since summer is almost here you should definitely check some of the best BB creams for your daily vacation looks,when you need to feel and of course be more natural and free!

Garnier BB and CC cream
Garnier’s line has to be my favorite for many reasons: first of all although a BB Cream it has to have the best cover from all the creams I’ve tasted. Then,it’s not one of these creams that leave your skin oily and doesn’t burden the pores. Another thing I love in this line is the fact that it comes in 2 different shades and in 3 different textures: for light cover,for oily skin and a CC cream for more demanding skin complexion. A great advantage for Garnier is also the reasonable price,especially compared to their competition!


Vichy idealia

Generally speaking it has to be one of my favorite brands(You can also check my post on the dermablend series) when it comes to makeup. For the BB review though their product might not be my first choice. I like the coverage of this product but the texture isn’t one of my fav!Thats probably because the idealia line is mainly for sensitive skin type,so if you have oily or combination skin type this might not be your best option. but for those of you with sensitive skin i definitely recommend it! Good product in general, a bit pricy compared to the other ones but still reasonable! Another benefit is that idealia line is meant for women up to 40 years old so it’s great for reducing the fine lines.


L’oreal skin perfection

I can’t seem to find any good words on this one. I’m so so sorry for this because the daydream from the same line was amazing ( The BB though could not be spread properly and as a result the face was multicolored and multi-textured. Also it was very difficult to be removed.


Maybelline dream skin

Another great product and very affordable one too! Very good color selection(five different color shades- more than any other BB line)from which you can choose and find the one that fits your skin tone best! Very natural but still luminous result. It Hydrates your skin and with SPF 30 it’s one of the best options for a summer look!











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