Beauty tricks: How to keep your nail polishes longer

I had a terrible experience recently: I went through my nail polishes and found that a lot of them were in bad condition some even unusable. I was sooo frustrated, especially since I’m a nit person and i love order so i couldn’t forgive myself for letting my precious collection gone bad! You live you learn they say.. So now i’m ready to share with you some easy tricks to keep your nail polishes alive and well longer!

Keep it shield

Obvious, right? You have to make sure the cap is well closed in order to keep the nail polish from drying out!

cool it

During summer its a very good idea to keep your nail polish inside the fridge! keep it in the lower drawers of your fridge so that it won’t freeze, just to keep it cool!

Shake it

If you leave it to sit in for a while chances are you’re gonna ruin it faster. This is exactly what has happened to me: I have a big collection so i don’t use some colors that often. What you can do is every now and then just shake the bottles to keep them nice and ready!