Bio oil review!!

Hey guys,it time for another beauty product review! this time is Bio Oil the product i’ve been testing for the past 2,5 weeks. At first I was very reluctant on buying this product,cause after a small research I found out that there were many unsatisfied users.But what I noticed to all their comments was that Bio Oil had difficulty dealing with “situations” on the face area and not on the body. In other words there were no complains about its effectiveness when used as a body oil. And this is exactly what I’ve been using it for!


I have several small scars in my back due to my oily skin (yes,like all of you I “pick” them a little!). So for my it’s important to completely get rid of them. And that’s what Bio Oil did for me! After the first 3 days of use I found my back smoother and after the first week I began to notice some changes. After just ten days my scars where minimized to almost 50% and my complexion feels more smooth and clear.
I will definitely continue using it until I finally get rid of my scars and I obviously recommend it to all of you! But keep in mind that you should control how much you use. I only use few drops cause it’s too oily and overuse is the reason for all these bad reviews. Once you use too much you turn your skin even oilier than before you began using it. So keep it simple and don’t overdo it! Besides this,I didn’t find anything bad to say about it,in fact I’m more than satisfied with it!