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Black Friday guidebook

Black Friday frenzy has come once again and everyone is panicking over it! This morning I’ve been woken up by several text messages from brands that were sending me the latest offers and once I opened my emails I found 35 (!!!) additional offers!

Black Friday is very popular in the States but in Europe is a much recent phenomenon. Most of the times I end up regretting my purchases so this year I will be sharing with you my new tactics!

As you know I m doing a winter capsule wardrobe this year (which is going very well I must say) so I won’t be shopping any clothes.But since the same rules apply pretty much in any kind of shopping I think these will help you!

Check the prices in advance 

It seems like the obvious thing to do but many people neglect to check the original prices. In the past I’ve noticed that stores tend to chance the item’s price the night before the sales in order to “fake” a larger discount. What I do know is take a screenshot with my phone two days before the sales just so I know the original price so I won’t get too excited for an item just because it seems like a large discount. If you do that you’re guaranteed to get the best price possible for the item you want!

Have a budget

Have a budget and stick to it by all means! If you don’t do that you’ll end up spending a fortune obviously! It is better to stick to a plan regarding the items you are gonna buy and the budget you will keep. You might regret buying that cute top on discount but you will regret it a lot more if you end up spending your month’s rent o things you don’t need!


It is super tempting to get these 10 shirts for only 9,99$ but just think for a second: Do you realllyyyy need them? I have been buying like crazy all these years during sales and ending up wearing less than half of what I bought. I m not doing the same mistake anymore so now I only buy items that have a certain value and are worth to invest to in the long-turn. Fine jewelry, bags, shoes and watches are the items I have my eye on cause their pricing is normally higher than my budget so sales and Black Fridays are always a good opportunity to shop.


Make sure you have a clear plan of what you need and what you want. As you can imagine what you “want” and what you “need” are two different things. Browse your closet and check for the items that are actually missing (again, use the invest tips to chose wisely what you actually need). Make sure you prioritize your needs. It is better to spend a little more on an item you really like and need than buying something cheaper just because you can afford it.  When and only when you have bought all the items from your “need” list you can move on to the “want” list if you can afford it.

Don’t overdo it

Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean you have to buy it!! I am a compulsory shopper myself so I do understand the urge to shop. But I’m trying to stick to my plan,keep it simple and not overdo it. I mean, sales season is a month away so there is no point going crazy about it.