Blogger’s tips: the lightbox


So every now and then I like to share some blogging tips cause I know many of my readers are bloggers too! Today I’m go as share a trick I’ve learned recently about the images posted in blogs.
What I was usually doing was just placing the items I wanted to feature in a post on a solid one colored surface and just take a pic. But that obviously isn’t very professional!!

So my boyfriend who happens to love photography and all about it introduced me to lightbox!What’s a lightbox? Well as you might have figured out already is a box! Made of light thin white paper that allows the light to enter. It is open in the front and this way you can put the item you want to photograph in the middle and then take the picture in a totally white background! Furthermore, since the paper is thin you can use lamps on the outside of the box if you’re shooting at night or in a room with no appropriate light!of course there are few different ways to create a lightbox,usually depending on the size you want it to have, the light access and your budget!

Now here’s a video I found on YouTube with additional info on how to create a lightbox!! Enjoy!!!