Blonde it up!

Since I’m in holiday mood I decided to share a nice trick with you I’ve learnt from a hairdresser few months back.

Now,you know I’ve been trying to change my haircolor the past few months and have a much lighter color. I am a natural brunette (a really dark brunette to be honest) so it is impossible and very harmful for the hair to do this transformation at once.

I had attempted many times to change my color, but somehow no matter whether I dyed my hair alone or in a beauty salon the results where the same: lighter brown but with either yellow highlights or coppered. Which is not what I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew I had to do something fast without damaging my hair any more with bleaching procedures.

The answer came straight from Greece’s most natural and pure product: olive oil! I’m sure you’ve used olive oil before to make your hair shinier and smoother.But Im not talking about the liquid olive oil.I’m talking about green soap with olive oil.

image image

My grandmother used to use this soap to clean the whites but as my hairdresser told me if you use it to wash your hair it gradually removes the color from the hair,naturally and without any damage.

Hot to use it:

Its very very simple! Use a piece of green soap to wash your hair for a minute or two. Wash off the soap very good and then use your usual shampoo and conditional.
August is ideal for you to try this on if you are on holidays because you need to use the green soap at least twice a week and your hair being exposed to the bright sunlight always helps to speed things up.

But don’t attempt that during a busy working period cause your hair will look kinda neglected and discolored (which is exactly the point).

Once your hair are discolored then you can dye your hair in the desirable color. If you don’t wish for highlights you won’t even need to go to the hair salon, as it will be so much easier to dye your hair yourself!

Green soap in very easy to find in Greece. But abroad it can be a bit tricky,especially of a good quality. But if you can’t find one in the beauty department of your supermarket you can check on eBay or Amazon!
If you still have any questions or you need any soap recommendations just comment this post and I’ll be happy to help!!!