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Boyfriend’s guide to Xmas presents

Christmas is right around the corner people and as always I will be sharing my gift guide for this year’s holidays. This time though with a little twist, inspired again by personal experience. This time I will only be sharing a quick guide to all the boys who want to get their girlfriend (or mum) a nice gift this Xmas.

Most guys are very simple and straight forward when it comes to presents: Flowers, chocolate and best case scenario jewelry that are either too simple or too extra. Women on the other hand tend to pay a little more attention to detail and plan their gifts days (even weeks) in advance. So for all the guys that are still looking for a present, here’s a quick list with  stylish gifts for your special lady..

1)Von Holzhausen bag

This brand caught my eye recently when  deciding on giving up real leather and embarrassing a more eco-friendly animal -friendly approach. As you all know I fully support brands that care about the environment and of course vegan friendly items are my fav!

2) Perditi  Vici watch

Huge fan right there!! Since I started working with Perditi I discovered how simple it can be to have both affordable and shic jewelry in your wardrobe. Their watches are so elegant!

3) Bite beauty

If your girl is a beauty junkie chances are she already has a Bite lipstick in her list! So go ahead and make her happy!

4) Zara behind the scenes lipstick set

If you’re looking for a more affordable option then this online only set is the right for you! And you now you can’t go wrong with Zara, I’ve never met a girl that doesn’t love it!

5) Ideal of Sweden  phone case

Just got my first cases from them and I love them so much!!! So if your girl is all about glamming up her tech then this is for you!!!

6) Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser

What can I say about this brand?? Their skincare products are amazing, giving you that spa treatment feeling in every use! Honey, if you’re reading this on your way back from London this Christmas can I get another set please? Just saying..

7) Tyme hair iron

I have thick hair and it is almost impossible to have a perfect hair day without spending an hour. If this is the case for your girl too then she’s gonna love Tyme hair iron! Easy relaxed curls or even straight hair in only minutes!