Bye Bye 2017!!

Hey guys!!! Ready to say goodbye to 2017?? I’m sooooo ready (and been like that for months!). 2017 has been a pretty rough year for me and although I didn’t let anyone understand it am fed up with it and in need of a change!

I did manage to do some of my last year’s resolutions so that is something but still I have so many things I want to try!

Regarding my blog I have to say I’m so much more happy with how it looks now and the traffic its getting and your support! I never meant to do this professionally and it is just something I love doing, so having all of you with me means so much to me! (Thanx guysssss!).

As you might have noticed I post more often and  use social media like crazy, especially Instagram witch is my favorite app for 2017 for sure! I did get the opportunity to do some travelling and have visited some of Greece’s best places in the mainland and also 2017 was the year I visited New York for the first time!

This year had been challenging health-wise as work exhaustion caused me several colds throughout the year and put me on bed rest few times. I also received some bad news regarding relatives so I’m still emotional and fearful that 2018 might have some more bad news on the way but since everything is part of life I’m doing my best to cope.

On the bright side, I’m finally moving out of my parent’s house early this February so we have a lot of home deco posts to share in the near future!

I think 2017 has been the year I worked the hardest on my self, figuring out what I really want in life,setting up goals and slowly reaching milestones. I have never anticipated a new year so much as I do 2018…

I wish to all of you happy New Year filled with good news,happiness and health for you and your loved ones!!