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Care to lose 5cm before summer?

Are you panicking cause summer is around the corner? Just realize your playsuits don’t fit you any more? Well stop worrying cause I got you covered!!
You have about a month before you start wearing those light,tight and skin-exposing clothes and about 2 months before you hit the beach. We have plenty of time (obviously myself included) to be ready by then! Here are my tips for losing about 5cm by the time you take swimsuit selfies!


1) Body toning pants and anti-cellulite body cream

One of the biggest inventions of the decade!! I usually use the Garnier bodytoning slimming pants and the body cream from Bioten,but obviously you’ve got many options depending on your budget!Now they say you have to keep the slimming pants for about 8 hours a day. Since I’m not very comfortable wearing it under my clothes to work I wear it all night under my pjs. I apply the cellulite body cream and then wear the shorts and leave it overnight! This is actually very convenient cause during sleep your body burns fat(approximately 70calories per hour) so if you inhance this you can end up losing a decent amount of calories without doing a thing!!

2) water

Water is essential and you know it! The hotter the outer temperature the more fluids your body loses. So add 3 more glasses of water to your daily routine to keep you fully hydrated! This is also amazing for your skin and again you don’t need to make any effort!

3) juice

Juice is good for you! Again no serious effort is required since you can find plenty of brands and types in your local supermarket! Try to drink juice with “good anti-cellulite fruit” like avocado or grapefruit! Avoid juice with grape or banana cause these fruit are really good friends with cellulite!

4) 20 minutes walk

That’s the only part in this post that actually requires some exercise! Still as you will see it’s only few minutes of your time and not vigorous at all.Walking is an excellent and easy exercise to perform.20 minutes of walking daily can be enough to wake your metabolism and help you burn calories faster. Obviously this kind of exercise won’t help you lose many kilos fast,but if we are talking about 3-5 kilos within the two months till summertime I think it’s a very realistic goal! To make it more interesting you can spend that time window shopping or you can walk the stairs to your apartment/office instead of using the lift.
For those of you in a hurry or in need of losing that extra pound a 7minute workout program could work miracles! You can find it in AppStore and download it for free or you can watch a YouTube video! This set of exercises is ideal for some toning and fat burning and its not time consuming at all!!


5) have breakfast

Having a good breakfast is very important when you’re trying to lose weight. What you eat in the morning is 100% certain you will fully burn during the day. So make sure you have a good breakfast every morning! Include juice or milk and try to drink as less coffee as possible. Also if you are a fan of pastry try to have them only during breakfast! (And in small portions). You can also have cereals for breakfast, provided they have grains. This way you won’t get hungry easily during the day and won’t feel the need to have a snack!


So are you ready to begin?? The new sexy you is only five steps away!