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Collection 3 by X Nihilo (a.k.a. my latest obsession)

“When you love what you do, creativity and ideas are not hard to find”

These words by the founder of X Nihilo, Jenny Hsieh, describe their brand in the simplest yet most accurate way . I came across this brand few months ago as I was stalking one of my favorite bloggers, Figtny  and immediately fell in love with it. You know me, I’m the definition of a bag person, but still I don’t just love all kinds of bags. Sure I’ll buy few trending pieces but I am all about the classic and simple lines, elegance and uniqueness. When first noticed X Nihilo I was impressed with their aesthetic : In a fashion world full of “busy” products their approach to simplicity was impressive. “Simple” elements tend to be considered boring in fashion, but these bags are the exact opposite!

I was sold! Their bags got to the top of my wishlist so fast and with their latest collection presented just hours ago I know what I want for my birthday next month ( Hope you’re reading this babe!).

So Collection 3 is here ladies and it’s here to stay. In their most mature collection yet X Nihilo is introducing us to few new designs and of course the transformation of their most “classic” pieces too.

Their signature bags, ‘Eight’ and ‘Bank’ are back in mini versions and new colors (Just so you know, Bank is my favorite!) and new stars have risen like the ‘Keeper’ (My no 1 choice from the new additions). Bag-crush is an understatement for this collection and needless to say that Jenny is my new fashion hero (plz plz plz make an accessories line too!!!!). Another plus is that the brand although using leather is on PETA Angora wool and fur list (which means they are not supporting slaughterhouses and factories where animals are cruelly treated for their wool or fur). So with no further ado, I present to you Collection 3. Enjoy the shopping ladies!







(All images taken from X Nihilo official page. All opinions are my own).