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CREAID : When fashion shows compassion

I consider myself a very sensitive person when it comes to those in need. I always participate in projects and love to spread joy to others. That’s why from the moment I found out about CREAID I wanted to help!
CREAID is a newly established non profit organization oriented in the mutual respect and human dignity. You see, the fundamental meaning of helping is originally respect and understand the differences between (equal) individuals. Only when we achieve that we can truly understand the needs of others and help.


For their first event CREAID is doing something amazing! On April 1st they organize the Tote Bag auction! 200 Greek artists,entrepreneurs and journalists have design tote bags which will be auctioned in order to help”Medecins du Monde” Greece and purchase a mobile medical unit to assist them.
You have to admit this is a very good cause that deserves our support and participation!
Now when it comes to the fashion related part of this auction.. Well.. I just can’t decide which tote bag I love the most! So many talented people were involved in this process and they put their heart to it! And it shows! These bags were created with so much love!!
So clean up your calendars and get ready girls!! Cause in few days you can own a gorgeous tote bag and help with a good cause too!!

some of the amazing bags you can buy



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