Cult Beauty product review- what I loved from my latest order

As I promised I tested several cruelty free products from my last Cult beauty order on January and I’m ready to share my favorites with you!! 

Pai serum 

This is such an amazing oil. I know that many people find the scent a bit strong but I adore it! It only lasts few minutes so by the time I go to bed it is completely absorbed.  Most nights I even skip the night cream so this is the last product I use and love it. I think it’s too early to see results but I feel my skin more hydrated without being oily. 

Versed scrub 

I can’t stress enough how precious this has become to my skincare routine. I use it 3 times a week, usually in the shower,  and this is a product I saw results from almost immediately. 

Honest beauty hydrogel 

This is a surprise for me. Most day creams are too oily for my skin and the ones for oily skin are usually very dry. This cream is soooooo hydrating the moment you apply it that you think it’s gonna take forever to absorb. But in only few minutes it’s gone leaving the skin hydrated but not oily at all! 

Summer Fridays jet lag 

I wanted to try this mask for soooo long and now I regret not getting it sooner! It’s such a great mask for all skin types and my skin feels so hydrated and smooth every time I use t. I have used it as a mask for 10 minutes but also as an all night mask and I couldn’t be happier!