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Dear Vogue..

We do your editors’ job daily,with persistence and great love for fashion and style. We set the trends and we work so hard to give our readers an original and authentic piece to read. And in most cases with so little profit as everything we make goes back to the fashion industry!

What about you?? It’s a huge hypocrisy to accuse bloggers for advertisement posts and looks when 90% of your pages are ads!!! When half your other pages are street style pics with bloggers!! When front rows on catwalks are saved for bloggers!! 

I believe that starting all these was just another marketing tactic. Cause right now all the bloggers,one way or another, are talking about you,posting about you,getting angry with you.And you know there is no such thing as bad publicity,right? So enjoy these precious moments.. 

But dear Vogue keep that in mind: you don’t bite the hand that’s feeding you.