Dreamy and affordable destinations

Summer is here! Yeah,yeah don’t laugh! You know you’re already late for booking your summer vacation,right?
So as I’ve been searching for my new adventure I found few websites that suggest exotic, glamorous,dreamy yet affordable destinations. It can’t happen? Guess again!! 2014 might be your great opportunity for traveling to places you’ve never dreamt of! Here is my list for this year’s trips!

South Africa

I always thought this was an expensive destination, but as it turned out it can cost less that traveling to another European city. The biggest expense you would have is your flying tickets, and that can actually be significant decreased if you book it early. Hotels are quite affordable, beaches around Cape Town are beautiful and of course visiting one of the Safari Parks is an a forgettable experience!


Buenos Aires

This has to be one of my dream destinations! The music, the culture, the vibes.. The city is not just about food an music (I would still choose to go there even just for that) but it also has great stores selection from famous brands to local craft shops – and you know how many treasures can be found in these small shops! Prices are about 8% lower than last year and you can find rooms is modern and high standard hotels for less than 70$! Don’t forget to visit the museums, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see Frida Kahlo’s amazing pieces and many more talented artists.


This might be the most expensive option, but still it’s a one in a lifetime journey you shouldn’t miss if you have the chance. “k pop” and gangnam style is the reason why we’ve learnt Seoul, but there’s so much history and culture in Asia that you will be amazed! Museums, parks, monuments and the scent of history even in the most modernized parts of the city.


Last but not least is one of my personal favorites. My trip to Tunisia was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had in my life. If you book a trip with a travel agency it is extremely affordable, you get to stay in amazing and luxurious hotels and you have a bonus trip to the dessert! Definitely one of the trips I will repeat in the future and recommend to all of ya!!


Images taken from,, and my personal collection)