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Dress to impress : Summer music festival

On the 30th of May I went to the best concert ever(and I mean it!!). Me and my boyfriend saw The Black Keys- and with us were also 27,000 people! As I have the fashion bug it was impossible while the support groups were performing not to check out what people were wearing.
So it’s safe to say I saw first hand which outfits worked and which didn’t!
So here it is: dress to impress on a music concert!

Loose jeans/shorts and a tee

Simple and comfy it’s ideal if the concert is away the city center and it gets chilly at night. Also you have great movement flexibility.


Long flowing dress

Ideal for events on and island or concerts that won’t last for hours!

maxi dress maxi dress 2

My fav thing about summer concerts! You can exaggerate a bit,wear colors,laces,flowers..! Pretty much whatever you want and matches your outfit!

creaid forever21

Wearing flats is the No1 rule when it comes to concerts, Especially for big festivals were held in outdoors venues!
Again you can play with patterns and stripes or even accessorize your feet with foot bracelets to make your humble sandals look editorial!

sandals1              sandals2

Backpack or cross body bag

Last but not least, you need to think about the bag you’ll be bringing. If you’re going for the jeans option then a nice backpack would do the trick and you’ll be able to bring with you whatever you need.
If you’re going for the most girly option,the dress, then a nice large crossbody bag would be ideal for this! Chose bright colors to elevate your style this summer and enjoy the show!!

zara bucket  bucket with fringes

for more info just click on the images to shop the looks!!

(This is not a paid post)