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Fall for Fall: Trends to try this Autumn

It’s the time of the year i absolutely hate : Its not yet cold, so you can’t do layers, and its not so hot either. I always find it tricky to combine the two seasons and i end up looking like a mess more than i like to admit!

This year though i might be more in fashion than ever as most of this Fall’s trends are already my fav!

Low ponytails 

My mom hated it when i used to do that so i was avoiding it for some time. Now though i can’t wait to start again wearing my hair like that!


Burgundy everything 

Perfect for my complexion and i already own 3 lipsticks in this color! i looove it with dark brown smokey eyes for a night look and with no eyeshadow  for a grunge day look.

Melene Birger kendal Zac Posec fall 2016

Fur Coats 

I never wear real fur but synthetic ones look so good now that I just can’t resist!

fur 1 fur 2


Tan colors 

One of the colors I’m gonna be wearing a lot this year and not just for fall. Easy color to match and classic pieces, such as trench coats and duster coats ) huge trend this year!0 that you can invest and keep for years!

blake selena


Yes, even during Fall (and also winter) you can wear florals. Keep the main color dark ( black, grey, burgundy) and add some floral details such as scarves, gloves or hair. Those daredevils out there can also try a full floral outfit too!

floral 2 florals


Its a trend that will only get bigger and bigger! Fall is the perfect timing for some velvet chokers and pears let me tell ya!

chokers choker etsy


whats your favorite autumn trend? feel free to leave a comment!



All images taken from Pinterest