Fashion Manifesto

Fashion Manifesto: Life changes and Fashion choices..

Fact: I have been a compulsory shopper my entire life. Whenever I was feeling down, when I had a date, when I was singe, when I wanted to spoil myself. Buying without thinking is something we all do at some level. And yes, I was more on the extreme side of things, but that doesn’t make you less guilty. 

Few years ago I started learning a bit more about the fashion industry, when I first got into blogging. This isn’t a pretty world I have to admit. Every singe outfit made requires resources that cause far greater problems than they solve: water waste, pollution, animal abuse, work exploitation. It got me sick. The same thing I loved so much was causing so much pain in so many levels. I decided it was time for a change. Slowly at first and more actively the past year I have shifted my interest in companies that promote a more sustainable approach to fashion. I have completely remove all skincare and makeup products from companies that test on animals. This was a very emotional time for me as I realized how harmful all these products were. I was heartbroken for very long after finally admitting to myself how I have allowed these brands to treat animals and the environment.

 My second step was completely decluttering my closet and create a minimal wardrobe with the minimum number of items possible. To some this might look simple but for a girl with a closet space enough for an entire family  this wasn’t an easy task. I have given up more than 6 trash bags in clothes. Some when for recycling and many donated to charity. Then convinced my mum to do the same. My clothes now fit just a humble closet, and even that not completely full. 

In so many aspects we have an impact on earth. Our actions have consequences and we don’t even realize it. Buying synthetic materials or luxurious fabrics can harm the environment in tremendous ways. A simple choice of buying recycled materials or even second hand items can change rapidly the status of the situation. This is why I’m now more focused on that environmental aspect of fashion. Supporting companies that use recycled materials, no chemicals and consuming as less as possible. 

Conscious minimalism can have great impact on the environment and shift the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future and I’m finally ready for it. Are you?