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Fashion tips for petite girls

Hello ladies! How are you? How are your holidays preparations going? Our house is finally ready for the holidays with a nice Christmas tree, decorated in minimal silver and white ornaments. I’m very happy with the results, given the fact that most stores were closed till Monday.

Today I wanted to share some personal experience with you. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m quite short: 1.58cm or 5’1. Adding to that the fact that I’m slim and with narrow shoulders you can imagine how tricky it is to find clothes that fit me properly and compliment my figure.

Being petite has been an issue for many years as I couldn’t find trousers that fitted properly, most dresses were either too loose or too long for me and don’t get me started on the shoes (I wear EU35 in heels which is impossible to find in most brands)

Over the year and with the help of fellow-petite ladies all over the internet, I figured a few tricks to make my life easier. So if you are like me I believe you’ll find them very useful.

Wear the proper jeans

Cropped jeans are a great way to show some skin and create the illusion of length. Ideally with heels or sandals to elongate your figure even more. Another trick if you’re not a fan of the cropped jeans, or if it is too cold to wear them, is to pick mid-rise or even high-rise jeans. wear a tucked shirt or sweater so it will seem as if your torso is longer than it actually is.

v-neck neckline

I love a good turtleneck. It’s my favorite winter piece. But I have to tell you, it is not complimenting me as much as a v-neck sweater. V-neck lines are way more flattering for petite girls, and with the bonus of an easy way to style (all time classic layering necklace trick) it’s a win-win situation.

pointy shoes

I’ve mentioned before my big issue with my heels size. Exactly because of that I tend to shop less for heels. The few pieces I own though are all pointy heels. That is another great way to create a longer proportion and add that pinch of style in my outfit. If you’re shopping for heels go for the classics: A nude pair or kitten heels can be your new BFF!

avoid oversized totals

I’m the girl that loves oversized clothes. It’s easy, it’s comfy, it’s stylish. But unfortunately it’s not for petite girls.. So if you’re like me it’s time for a settlement: if you want to wear an oversized piece make sure the rest of your items are on the tighter side. So if for example you bought a gorgeous oversized sweater make sure you match it with a pair of tights!

wear small crossbody bags

I love my oversized bags cause I love having a gazillion staff with me. But I’ve noticed that they make me look a bit bigger especially on the hips. So when I want to compliment my silhouette I always go for smaller crossbody bags. Again classic colors like black and nudes are perfect for everyday!

cropped tops and outwear

This trick is only for those days my tummy is flat! I know a lot of you are like me on that! Cropped tops help you look taller, but because of course not all of us have the perfect abs I have a nice trick for you: Wear a crop to and on top wear a loose cardigan (not too oversized though,careful!). leave half the buttons open and only close the ones exactly over your tummy! Is still this isn’t your thing go for a cropped blazer (very in fashion right now) or a cropped jacket!


This is truly the hardest thing to do but also the most important one. If there’s one thing you’ll ever do from the list make sure it’s this one, you won’t regret it I promise! find a good seamstress and make sure you take all your clothes and make them truly yours. There’s nothing better (and actually more luxurious) than having your clothes made to fit you perfectly. It’s tricky cause you might have few hit-and -missed moments before you find the right seamstress but once you have your person your life is going to be a lot easier. I used to wear jeans that were a bit long (used to turn them to fit me) or with a lose waist (highly annoying especially when I was sitting) but these days are over! If you don’t want to look for a seamstress just keep in mind that most high street brands offer that option with a reasonable charge and it usually takes only few days!

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