Fight split ends!!

Having long hair isn’t difficult,you just let them grow. But having beautiful and healthy long hair..well,that’s a tricky thing! For years I wanted to grow my hair long but every time I tried it I ended up with hair full of split ends,that looked awful and fuzzy. So what was the point? Every single time I ended up cutting my hair back short just so I can have a healthier and more sleek result. But I really wanted long hair!!! So how can we have long healthy and gorgeous hair easily at home in a very low budget?

What I do is simple:
First you need to keep in mind that you hair need to be dry and preferably unwashed for more than 24h.

You divide your hair in layers and you get a small lock each time. Then you put your fingers like in the pictures below:

first, one finger on the external part of your hair and the other one on the inner part.
Then you press your fingers in order to make half a turn of the finger with your hair.


You then press it a bit tighter. You can see that the lower to your hair you do that the more split ends and small hair flow and are separated from the rest of the hair.


What you do now is to use a pair of scissors (preferably with small and thin blades) to slightly trim the hair that are floating. Once you are done release the finger that is below your hair and move your fingers few inches lower. Then follow the same instructions and do the same!! The lower you get the more split ends will have to cut (obviously!!). Be extra careful with the scissors not to cut your fingers or an entire lock of hair!!

Make sure you do it outside or in front of the sink to avoid creating a hair mess in the house!
After cleaning your hair from split ends you need to hydrate your hair. I prefer doing it naturally : Apply virgin olive oil to your hair (from the middle to the ends,not directly to the hair roots) and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then shampoo your hair twice- cause the olive oil is very difficult to remove- and of course a good hair conditioner!! After blow drying your hair don’t forget to apply some serum to delay the split ends phenomenon for as long as possible!!