Fight stress naturally

Being a girl is tough enough. Having to deal with everything in difficult times is very stressful. So how can we deal with stress? For years I’ve been having issues with that. Lack of sleep, anxiety attacks, dry skin and rashes (yes, many skin conditions are stress related!).
I never wanted to take medication over this, after all it’s not a disease! But of course something must be done, because stress can cause many issues.
So I looked it up a little bit, asked around friends and family on how they deal with stress and here are few tips I found! There are many simple and natural solutions to this problem:

1. Fix your sleeping habits

First and most importantly is how you sleep. Sleeping is essential not only for cosmetic reasons (as it helps with the rejuvenation of your skin) but also practical: obviously it helps your body relax but it is an important process that relaxes your mind too! So if you are stressed and you can’t sleep you are actually causing more stress to yourself by not sleeping!

It’s funny if you think about it, but so true! So first things first: deal with any sleeping problems!
How to do that:
Try to have a sleeping schedule! Set your alarm clock at a specific time (preferably early in the morning) and no matter what wake up at this time!! It might sound silly but it works! This is actually one of my main problems: I always over think everything, especially when I go to bed! I start thinking about how I can solve a problem, what I could do differently etc. so obviously I don’t sleep!!
When you wake up early you then feel sleepy early at night. If you do that after a while you’ll feel quite tired by the time you go to bed, so no time for thinking the issues of the day (and stressing about them!).
You can use a smartphone application to keep track of your sleeping schedule and check the actual hours you sleep daily. I have started using sleep statistics on my iPhone the past few days so I’m having a clearer image of my sleeping schedule.

Your sleeping environment is also important. You need to make sure your bedroom is tidy, clean and you don’t have any electronic devices turned on while you sleep.
Before you go to bed it is very helpful to take a hot shower, especially if you use one of these shower oils that help you relax before bedtime! Here are some ideas:

Bioten relaxing body oil


Ytsara relaxing body oil


Johnson’s and Johnson’s body oil


2. Find an activity to participate in

Working out is great for fighting stress! It doesn’t have to be vigorous, although it does help, as long as you add an hour of exercise twice a week!
If you don’t like the idea of working out try to join a yoga class to learn simple meditation exercises. I found it really helpful and although its been a while since I attended a yoga class I still apply some of these exercises when I feel too stressed!

3. Change your eating habits

Finally what always helps is changing your eating habits! There are certain kinds of food and herbs that can relax you and help you become calmer. Bananas are great allies when it comes to fighting stress. Fruit generally can help you do that, with grapes and watermelon being quite high on the list! Oatmeal and dark chocolate can help you reduce stress and also cut down calories at the same time so try to include them too!