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Fighting OCD syndrome

Today I’m sharing with you a more personal matter. I’m going to talk to you about OCD syndrome. Most of you have probably seen Hannah from “Girls” suffering from OCD, constantly repeating the same actions over and over again, feeling ill all the time and having panic attacks.
These are all real symptoms of OCD disorder but in reality it is much more complicated than that.
First of all,there are several types of OCD, depending on the level (how often it happens) and the nature of it ( what triggers it and how the person reflects to it).
Every one experiences it differently. Some people are obsessed with numbers and repeat actions specific times. Others become superstitious about objects or situations and others with cleaning.

Long story short, OCD is not only when you switch on and off your lights 17 times each time you enter a room. It’s the little things that can drive you crazy! Now, before you start thinking that every time you don’t remember if you have locked your front door and you just double check you have OCD, let me stop you there! Occasionally repeating something because you’re not quite sure about it doesn’t mean you suffer from OCD.
It goes deeper than that.

OCD can be triggered by a million factors: a very stressful event, an accident, a difficult environment.
It can have mild symptoms for many years,even forever. But sometimes it gets a bit nasty. And that’s when you have aggressive and obsessive behavior which is very difficult for the person and the family to cope with.

In my case things are not so bad. It only gets bad when I’m too stressed. Im experiencing a compulsory need to clean everything (especially my hands), make lists and check them over and over again.
For some reason beyond my understanding I have to wake up countless times in the middle of the night just to make sure my alarm is on, I have to count my fingers when Im panicking about something and I need to check my bag every 30″ if I’m carrying documents with me.
These might seem harmless to you but it’s quite difficult if you have to face this kind of anxiety every now and then. And again, I’m one of the lucky ones! Other people face more difficult symptoms and more persistent ones.
The reason why I decided to share this with you is because I’m just realizing myself how often I’m experiencing these symptoms and how badly they control my life. It is not impossible to fight back OCD,especially in mild cases. If you are experiencing anything that looks and feels like OCD, even if its not too big, talk to someone. Ask a friend for help, google your symptoms and read about other people’s experiences and work this through!

You can also talk to me any time! Just send me an email on the blog and I can share some of my tips to control your symptoms!
There’s nothing to be ashamed of. For me it’s another way of nature telling me to cut some slack and stop pushing myself so hard!