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Finally Vacations!!!

Well, it only took me half a year but I finally took 12 days off just for myself! It had been a very difficult season, with long working hours and a lot of stress so this much needed time to relax and enjoy life again was pretty essential.

Since I wanted to stay as relaxed as possible we decided with my boyfriend to spend the entire time in his beach house, only 1,5h away from Athens in the island of Evvia.  The weather was amazing and since schools had started already we had the beach to ourselves the entire time!

I only packed the essentials : my swimsuits, summer dresses and my books! We also downloaded a bunch of movies we kept saying all year we were gonna watch but never did!


My Favorite swimsuit this season was by The Helpful Vegan and it was a strapless polka dots bikini! I loved it from the moment  I saw it on their store!


The weather was still very warm so mostly light dresses and short overalls were part of my daily looks

wearing Forever21 dress and Fullah Sugah suede sandals

wearing Mango overall (from, Anarchy Street short necklace, Accessorize long necklace and fullah sugah sandals


The most refreshing thing was waking up in the morning and having no worry in the world and just enjoying the sun and the sea. It was also very very important to me to spent time with my boyfriend just by ourselves!