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Gabrielle- the new Chanel Fragrance

let me say it from the start : Love the perfume, hate the ad!

I had been waiting for this moment for sooo long. I am a huge Chanel fan (who isn’t) and I wear Mademoiselle for more than five years and it is still my favorite perfume in the hole wide world. So of course when Chanel announced a new perfume after 15 (!!) years I was ecstatic! The perfume did not disappoint (dahh!) at all but the film of the campaign was something I wish I could forget. Don’t get me wrong, I now they put a lot of money and effort on that but I think Kristen Stewart as a Chanel ambassador is not the right choice and her ‘performance’ on the film is not complimenting  the endeavor at all. The history behind the perfume and the fact that it is supposed to depict Coco in the most original way yet is also something that concerns me as I can’t “see” it in the film.

If you haven’t seen it yet here’s the video! let me know what you think guys!