Goodbye oily skin!!


Those of you who follow me on twitter already heard about my biggest beauty accomplishment : After years of “torture” in my acne prone crazy oily skin I finally got rid of it! Yeah,I did! Exactly one year ago I went for a facial and I was kindly offered a skin check up. The verdict ? My skin condition was terrible. Obviously I already knew that due to the endless breakouts every few week, but It became clear to me that with almost 80% of oily areas in my face a facial once a year would never be enough. And 4 facials a year wouldn’t be good for the skin, my budget or my schedule. So I had to do something permanent.

The battle
Fighting with acne prone skin is very difficult. It is something that occurs to a large number of teenagers and young adults (both boys and girls) but usually it is fully eliminated by the age of 20. Those who suffer from oily skin need to look deeper for the roots of this problem. It is not just a matter of hormones,as it happens with teenagers. It has to do with your entire life. The way you eat, the food you eat, your drinking and smoking habits.. Pretty much everything!! So this is not a simple thing. That’s why most people fail, cause they need to start from scratch.

The weapons
I searched online and I found out that a fruit acid AHA treatment (alpha-hydroxy-acid) would be more suitable for a prone skin,but as I was informed it is good for you only when you help too! ( yes,no magic treatments,we need to work too girls!).
I had eight sessions with AHA within 2 months. During that time I was very careful not to use too much make up and always wash my face after removing it.Half way through it I had another facial(as recommended by my beautician).
It did not clear my skin completely, at least not immediately. But it cleaned my skin, creating a “white” canvas for me to create the new me. The ache blemishes were gradually reduced and my skin became smoother,less vulnerable to environmental changes and had a nice natural glow.

That is just step one though. If you only do this step without continuing, your blemishes with appear few months later. So make sure you don’t leave your skin just be after the AHA treatment. Wash your face twice a day: Use a foam soap,which is very convenient to use. For my first months of this project I used a foam soap from Garnier for oily skin. After I finished the AHA therapy I began using the foam soap by La Roche Posay, which is for combination skin. The reason is simply to avoid over-boosting my complexion with too many products that do the same thing.

Whenever I had a blemish break out I used to wash my face 3 times a day and I added a scrub for oily skin too for that time. Now that my breakouts are very rare I use a lighter scrub,to avoid turning my complexion dry ( and have the exact opposite results than wanted).

My biggest change though was my diet. Water and fruit are your number one friends in this fight. Avoid spicy or fried food and add few glasses of water to your daily routine. It will benefit your silhouette and your skin!! Carrot and orange juice are great too and very refreshing!

I also have now a new makeup removing ritual. I first use makeup removal tissues (either from Korres or from Innisfree ),then I use a light cleansing cream and after that I add the amazing rice oil lotion,massaging my face and then wash it off (I use it also when removing a scrub of a beauty mask,mixing it with water for a more gentle cleansing).
After that, I always apply my night cream. Make sure you chose one that moisturizes your skin but it’s not oily.
In the morning I always wash my face and then apply my day cream with UVA protection,especially now that is summer and the sun rays are quite strong.
It took a lot of work but the results surpass even my greatest expectations! For me this was the biggest reward for my time and effort. And I’m telling you, I’m not going back to that lazy girl that was too bored to take care of her skin. I love my new me and I’ll do my best to keep it that way!!

My arsenal

La Roche Posay, effaclar foam soap
Olay, total effects day cream
Olay, complete care night cream
Nude, unclogging thermo-active mask
The face shop, rice water
Skin food, black sugar mask
Innisfree,natural honey mask
Garnier, pure active foam soap

( images taken by yours truly and from )