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Greeks do it better: 5 Greeks that rock the Fashion Industry

If you consider the History of the Greeks, the traditions, the culture and the things we have endured all these centuries It only make sense that we have a long tradition in fashion too. Just think of the great garments and jewelry made during the Cycladic period in ancient Greece and  you can imagine what modern technology and talent can do now! So here are 5 very talented (and highly known) Greeks that we all love and admire!

Zoeva Cosmetics  

Beauty industry fell in love almost immediately with the amazing makeup brushes from Zoe Boikou, born in Thessaloniki and now living in Germany. The brand was born when Mrs Boikou wanted to purchase high quality makeup brushes in an affordable price. After realizing this wan’t possible she took matters into her own hands. With no cosmetics background people thought it wasn’t going to work but as we all know history proved them wrong!Bulgari

Do I really need to introduce this high end House? Most people think that Bulgari is an Italian brand, and in a lot of ways it is. But the really story of the brand begins in a very small village in Epirus where Sotirios Boulgaris was a jeweler before moving to Italy and founded his company in 1884 and begin this incredible journey.

Mary Katrantzou 

One of my favorite designers I have to say! Mary knows how to play with lines, textures and prints and now her designs are iconic and you can tell which design is hers without a doubt. With many collaborations, hard work and exceptional talent Mary has managed to create a brand that now sells worldwide.

Folli Follie 

This Brand is only one year younger than I am so they build their industry slowly and meticulously. In the late 80’s they started with their watch collection and later move to jewelry first and bags too. Now the brand has Greek, Swiss and Italian designers and stores in parts of the world other brands cannot even dream of. Asian markets love the brand soo much that tourists coming to EU line outside the brand’s stores!

Nip and Fab- Rodial

Maria Hatzistefanis ,also known as  “Mrs Rodial”, is the Greek version of GirlBoss for me! She is the founder and owner of not just one but two beauty brands that you already swear by (you,me and half of the world!). Nip and Fab is the skincare and beauty line that is mainly for younger ages but you can find their notorious Dragon’s blood face cream and serum (which by the way rock!!)that work wonders for your early 30’s skin. Rodial is a more high-end brand, a bit more luxurious and pricey but still affordable for what it has to offer! If you want to learn more about Maria’s incredible journey to success and how she build herself an empire make sure you read her book “How to be an overnight success” !





(all images taken from Pinterest or the official webpage of each brand. all opinions are my own)