Hair care Don’t care!

Aussie has the ideal shampoo and conditioner for my type of hair. I use a combo of Miracle moist shampoo to hydrate my hair -especially after the sea- and Frizz miracle conditioner, in order to maintain a natural hair look but without looking too “messy”. I have noticed great difference in my hair: less frizzy hair,easily to maintain and style and more shiny! 

Schwarzkopf Gliss ultimate oil elixir serum has proven again truly helpful,especially with the split ends! I use it only on dry hair (just cause my hair is oily and I don’t want to overdo styling especially in the summer) and my hair look sunnier.

Michel Mercier hair brush has been Amazing! I never thought that this could make such difference in my hair routine! I use the one for thick hair and I can tell you that it has made styling so much easier!