Happy school year! Get inspired for a new fashionable year!

It’s been a while since I finished school but I would like to share with you some nice fashion tips for your new school year. I used to be the ugly duckling at school. I was wearing mainly sports clothes and trainers and obviously I wasn’t wearing any makeup. But then again, these were different times! So many things have changed during this time. Girls begin to explore their femininity sooner and are in need of feeling good about themselves. Sometimes I wish things were different while I was growing up. My generation could use some school fashion back in the 90’s !!

When it came to inspiration we used to watch Beverly Hills and copy some looks (in these few rare times when we dressed a bit less than a toddler!). But now girls have so many tv shows to get inspired by and so many models, singers and actresses to look up too.

So if I was 16 now and just about to go to school these are the looks I would be inspired by :

Pretty little liars

image             image

I would probably mix the styles of all five girls, depending on my mood! Hannah’s look during the first 3 seasons was my favourite with all that glam but Spencer’s is the most amazing choice when you have a school presentation or you want to keep it casual but great.

Gossip girl

image         image

Do I really have to explain it?? Which amazingly fashionable character do I have to pick? Serena, Blair, Jenny .. Even Blair’s minions where dressed like they were going to fashion week! Still this particular style is a bit more dramatic for us not living at the upper east side, but you can easily get inspired by it!

Vampire diaries  

image           image_5

This has to be the closest option for a school look that is simple yet eye catching! Tight skinny jeans, loos flurry shirts, country style dresses with cowboy boots and simple makeup!

So, from which shows you get inspired for your school looks?