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..H&M – Long live fashion!

H&M is one of these brands that can always surprise you. It’s not just a commercial wide known brand selling clothes in good prices. It is a living breathing organism that interacts with its clients and the world around it.
For the past few years it has organized numerous campaigns to help the society and the environment.

Many celebrities know for their concerns and beliefs have helped the company in various ways- from designing clothes to participating in their campaigns.
H&M “conscious- long live fashion” is a campaign based on the fact that the majority of clothes we don’t need or use are thrown away instead of being recycled.

Did you know that 95% of the clothes we throw away can be completely recycled?? This way the pollution and the environmental effect of the fashion industry to nature could be dramatically reduced!
How this works: you simply take your old,used or even torn clothes to an H&M store, you put them into the recycling bins and that’s it! These clothes then are taken for recycling: the ones in better condition are sent to supply the needs of third world countries and the rest can be made to anything you can imagine!

There is also another benefit for you if you participate: as a thank you for your participation H&M gives you a discount card every time you bring clothes for recycling!

So go ahead, help out! It’s simple, it’s fun and above all it’s important!
I’m recycling clothes, are you?

(H&M is ranked number 64 on the Global 100 annual list of the most sustainable companies in the world.)