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Hot in Sweaters

Weather is getting colder and colder and I’m not excited at all! I’m definitely more of a summer person and the fact that I live in Greece is for sure a plus as winters are never too cold in Athens. In any case I have to layer many clothes in order to keep warm and I never felt sexy and glamorous dressed on a sweater. Good news though as this season there is a great variety in textures,colors,styles and lengths when it comes to sweaters that can make your outfits pop!!

The Cashmere sweater
It’s an all time classic piece that can elevate the simplest look. Even with a plan pair of jeans it looks fab! For me,the best way to wear it is with a nice pair of trousers and heels for an office look. Always classic and elegant.


The asymmetric sweater
Always a nice twist to update your look. A bit longer in one side or with one shoulder off this is a sweater that can be worn with a casual outfit or even for a night out with a nice pair of leather tights. White is also the color to choose as it stands out!


The oversized sweater
When I was a kid my mum used to make me wear long oversized sweaters as dresses with tights.i hated it as I felt naked (once a girl also made fun of me for wearing it like that but last time I checked facebook she was wearing it the same way!! Mama was miles ahead of time fashionwise!). For girls my size (short ones!!) it is ideal as it is so simple to transform a regular sweater into a dress! So many options too in colors and textures!! Wear it with a nice pair of over the knee boots or a pair of Stan Smiths when it’s not raining!!


The cropped sweater
This is the winter version of the cropped top. Furry or woolen it is great with a white shirt or above a knit dress!

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(Images taken from the websites of Zara,Mango,Lavish Alice,Falconeri and HM. This is not a paid post)