House updates and living room tour

Hello darlings!!! How is your week so far? I have very exciting news! We have finally moved, right on time for the second lockdown in Athens!

We found a place that we loved last month and it took a little bit longer than we thought to arrange everything and get power and internet before we can move. Shipping was also an issue so it took us more than 15 days to actually get in the house!

It’s been a little over two weeks now that we moved and of course the house isn’t finished yet but I can share the living room process so far!

The living room is technically conented to the kitchen so it creates a nice and open space which makes it look bigger than it is. One wall is painted grey and it matches out IKEA couch perfectly!

We added several pillows in grey, beige and white in order to make it cozy. It is ideal for watching TV at night and snuggling! Most of the pillows are from IKEA and the pillow cases from H&M Home (they rock by the way!). I trew a nice beige blanket too for color! To brighten the area even more we added some light linen curtains.

One of my favorite things is this amazing two-piece coffee table from IKEA. It is metal and glass and you can either have both tables together as one but when you have ore people over you can separate them and use the small table anywhere you need! I also love the fact that you can see through the glass the decoration.

For the TV we also got the Brimnes from IKEA with a lot of storage too! I think it’s one of the most classic TV pieces of the store but it was one of the hardest to put together (all pieces were too dark to actually see what you were doing with them!).

In order to match the coffee table and also add some display and storage area we also got from IKEA the matching shelving unit. It comes in two sizes and we got the small one but we’re actually thinking of getting one more to place it to the right of the Brimnes TV table (do you think it’s going to be too matchy?? Let me know in the comments!).

We are going to add more decorations and books in the next few days but so far I like the idea of having some plants, few books and of course candles which I have everywhere in the house! We also have a beautiful vintage camera that we love to keep on the top shelve.

Since the apartment is relatively small we decided to add the mirror in the living room instead of the bedroom for two reasons: First, it would be much easier to have enough light in the living room as there are two balcony doors (one in the living room and one in the kitchen right across) and secondly I think it makes the space looks bigger!