Style Crush

How come I never have something to wear??

Oh that has to be the million dollar question! How can a woman with a closet full of clothes never -ever- has nothing to wear!!
We’ve all been there countless times. You open your closet and although packed full with clothes you can’t find a single thing you would want to wear.and then the mind goes off start thinking of all the things you would like to have -but you don’t- and the matchings you would do with them.
So why is this keep happening to us? Guys would probably say we are crazy, but maybe,just maybe, that’s not the case…

The root to this problem begins a lot earlier than the moment you open your closet. It begins when you’re shopping. The number one reason for all these times you spend looking for something to wear but there’s nothing is the fact you actually haven’t really though of your true needs when shopping.
Try spending few days thinking of all the looks you would like to create,all the key pieces you can have and after making a list open your closet and see if any of these are already in your closet. Then and only then go shopping!! Only when you have a clear vision of the style you want to create you know how to create it. Spontaneous buys are not helping either, as you buy things you’re not sure how to match and if you ever going to wear!

Another trick is organizing your closet better. Many times in the past I had been staring at my closet looking for that particular shirt and of course I never found it when I wanted to! Then I decided to organize my closet in a system that would work for me and this way I can instantly see all the clothes I have and decide faster what to wear. You can use all kinds of systems: by color, type,material,occasion etc. it is totally up to ya how to do so. Find what works for you and stick to it,so there won’t be any confusion in the future, whenever you add new clothes in the closet.
And one last advice darlings: don’t keep in your closet more than 2 years clothes you don’t wear. I know it and you know it that there’s no chance of ever wearing them! They just occupy space in your closet and complicate things for you. I’ve told you before how important is to keep a clear vision of your style so make sure you don’t keep any “distractions” in your closet!