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how fashion can change the world

Fashion is a brutal industry. Designers have to “fight” each other for the best piece of the market. Commercial brands fight over store locations and prices. And the materials it-selves are sometimes environmental unfriendly. But there are still plenty of things we can do to help the environment and the society.

1) don’t buy products with sequins from multinational brands 
As we all know most brands have their factories or parts of their productions in countries like china, Thailand or Taiwan. They do that because the cost is way lower than having it in Europe. But what most people ignore is the fact that when it comes to knitting sequins on an item most of these factories assign it in minors. It is now known wether the companies know about this policy the foreign factories apply, but still the damage is done.
2) prefer products from recycled materials
Most brands understand now the importance of recycling. I love recycled fabric and it is also important since usually the clothes we don’t use get thrown away and  fashion lovers produce a large amount of trash every year.
3) fare trade markets 
Another great idea! This way you can support small local communities from third world countries and still buy amazing staff that are actually handmade too! There are plenty of online stores you can shop from,any brands work with these type of markets and of course whenever you travel you can visit small local  markets!
4) designers that are philanthropists or activists
Many designers and brands are famous for their humanitarian or ecological policies. Some brands support a cause,others work with international NPO’s and others create their own campaigns. H&M,Lancôme, Pandora and many more brands do this so make sure you check your fav Brand’s activities and buy products that support things that matter!
5) avoid leather
For bags or shoes its essential to be leather to last. But you don’t need leather pants or accessories. Try leather imitation or other kinds of fabrics.  Remember: a leather pants might be in fashion this year but protecting the animals must always be “in fashion”. I am also very much against the use of endangered species’ skin for fashion. Cow leather might slightly be acceptable (considering the fact that we eat them) but using lizards,crocodiles,snakes or zebras for my opinion is unacceptable given the fact that we can easily create now fabric that imitates the texture of pretty much anything!
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