How not to debt for fashion

Let’s face it,we have all spent more that we should on clothes at some point. Maybe a designer’s bag that was half the rent, maybe a pair of shoes.. The point is we’ve all done it at least once!
I feel you girls! I frequently find myself craving for things I can’t afford. But I’ve come up with a plan to avoid these expenses-although my heart is breaking!

The easiest way to avoid any slip-backs is not carry too much cash or credit cards when you go shopping. I know it’s easier said than done,but when you have a specific budget and no way of overcome it then you’ll be more careful on how you spend and what you buy.


Also,prioritizing your needs beforehand is always a nice trick. For example,in Greece we have sales on May 1st but I have already made a list with all the items I want to purchase then! Obviously I will adjust this list over the next days,check what’s trending and what I miss from my closet, but I have a pretty clear image of what I’ll buy and how much I’ll spend!

Shopping from outlets is my best trick when it comes to expensive brands (especially bags). I used to buy many bags from flea markets and cheap stores but I realized I had many items I didn’t use or in poor quality. So I have decided to purchase one or two bag s per year (YES!!) but spend enough money for good quality and actually invest in a bag that will last for long and would fit my lifestyle. Although I buy more expensive bags I spend way less than buying regularly many cheap bags.

Last but not least is altering clothes and items you already own! It’s cheaper than going shopping and your clothes will fit you perfectly! Find a good seamstress and transform your old jeans to denim shorts,your long dress to a jumpsuit and your black heels to blue! You will have a brand new wardrobe in no time!

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